A short film about a boy who is trying to hide from life's spontaneity through his routines!

Emily Ann Lalitois Natural High- Songwriting  

The Echo Of Dracula The Documentary

This is a documentary about the dance project at my school that was created by myself, Brandon Chase, Allan Duan, and Alvin Lin. It received a special achievement in editing at the "IVIE Awards" and was the official Jury selection for the Delta Moon Student Film Festival.

60 Seconds

This is a short film that I created that was based off the short story "Hills Like What Elephants" by Ernest Hemingway. For my after school cinema program we were required to make a film that had only three lines of dialog for each character, no music, and it had to be one minute.

Graceless Episode 1: Girls Poof

Ms. Slijk Documentary

Sunny Side Up

Galactic Vengeance